Now: the end of 2023

I’m broken record, but jeez, what another tough year.

It’d be all too easy to curl up into a ball and wish it were 2019, before COVID, back when we had carefree lives in central Kyiv.

But it’s the end of 2023, and there’s a heaviness that’s hard to shake.

I’ll indulge myself with one bit of self help: Mark Manson’s The Guide to Being Miserable. There’s something powerful in advice written in the negative.

And so it goes.

It was actually a great year. We bought a house in a beautiful part of Amsterdam, had a lovely trip to the US. But there’s something about the dark days at the end of the year that bring out a hint of melancholy in the background.

But enough of that.

Things I’m doing

What’s ahead

Despite the gloomy start to this post, I feel an energy, a sense of being alive, wanting to do, to create, to make things that I haven’t felt since 2019.

Instead of a bunch of specific resolutions that I probably wouldn’t keep anyway, I want to dedicate 2024 to flow, in the Csikszentmihalyi sense. It’s frustratingly easy to look back at a day, a week, gone by without having spent any time in flow. Consuming, not creating. Zoning out, not tuning in.

I’d like to carve out a bit of time every day for myself to do something in flow. Music, writing, critical reading, working on my Dutch. It doesn’t matter what, just being in flow.

Until next time.