A new generation reinvents Catholic guilt

From Dutch News:

Young adults are less likely to adopt a climate-conscious lifestyle than older people and are more likely to display less environmentally friendly behaviour, such as travelling by air.

At the same time they are not under any illusions about their behaviour, giving themselves an average score of 6.2 out of 10 for living in a more climate-aware way.

In total, 22% of the young adults said they felt guilty about the impact of flying on the planet, but 40% felt no flight shame at all.

Many of the things we attribute to religion, both negative and positive, including this European obsession with guilt (but then doing whatever you feel guilty about anyway) is far less tied to Christianity than modern secular types would like to admit. And of course, you can’t but help see the woke and the MAGA crowds as descendants of the Puritans. Distant cousins, but an obvious familial resemblance nonetheless.