Energy and leadership

It’s unusual to see this level of self awareness inThe Guardian:

Voters are frustrated with Olaf Scholz’s caution — and a resurgent AfD is filling the void. It’s a red flag for Labour

From For a vision of Britain’s future under Starmer, look to Germany — it’s not pretty.

That one line I quoted is enough to get the gist, and it’s something that centrist and left-wing politicians simply don’t seem to grasp. The role of leadership isn’t to be some effete bean counter tucked away. The role of a leader is to, well, lead.

What do Boris Johnson, Donald Trump, and Barrack Obama all have in common? They’re charismatic, exude confidence and strength. And people will continue to vote for these sorts of politicians, almost entirely aside from whatever policies they peddle. That’s the Occam’s razor explanation for the surprisingly large number of people who for voted for both Obama and Trump.

This goes well beyond politics. When I see people in leadership positions in companies that are cautious, terrified of mistakes, and entirely devoid of charisma, I can’t help but having no respect for them.