On blogging and saying less

Hat tip to Evan for highlighting Seth Godin on Tim Ferris’ podcast. It’s an enjoyable listen in large part because Godin is one of my key inspirations to do frequent, short-form blogging.

I also struggle with saying too much, which Godin points out is a fear of being misunderstood. Short-form blogging has helped me make a point with less overhead. But listen to me ramble in real life, and it’s not pretty.

There’s a real leap of faith in saying just enough, and it takes a lot of practice to get right. I know this because I’m terrible at it.

When I think about people I’ve known over the years, I don’t have a lot of respect for people who talked all the time. Saying less, but still enough, commands respect. Yammering on about any old thing does the opposite.

This holds true even in the world of fiction. Powerful characters like the Mandalorian, Kaladin, Aragorn, or Atticus Finch don’t incessantly blabber.