Short cycles and politics

The subtitle of an Economist article about the latest round of the perennial inability to govern in the US congress is especially pithy:

One chamber is trying to govern. The other just wants to campaign

For all it’s faults, the Senate came up with a bipartisan compromise. Six-year election cycles give you the space to do that.

The House’s two-year terms don’t allow congresspeople to actually govern, because they are are constantly running for reelection. Thus most things devolve to grandstanding and quick soundbites in the news.

I wonder how different American politics would be if the presidency were a six-year term that didn’t allow for reelection. Extend House terms to four years.

Slowing the pace of politics would bring radical, almost certainly positive, changes.

Going a step further, it’d be fascinating to see political advertising banned, and instead give candidates a certain amount of air time on PBS.