4,000+ pages later

It’s been a leisurely year or so of making my way through the Stormlight Archive. I finished Oathbringer today, which leaves just Rhythm of War to read before book 5 comes out in December.

Fluffy white cat added for scaleFluffy white cat added for scale

It’s nice to have something that’s just for fun, but also not the sort of mindless consumption of TikTok and Netflix.

My friend Autumn recently wrote something that hit home:

I adore reading but now mentally tick it off once I close the book. I got into cross-stitch about a year ago and discovered it’s a great outlet for creativity, but lately it’s something I’ve had to make myself do. Hell, Spotify comes out with a weekly playlist every Monday, and I see it as something I need to listen all the way through. Write it on the list, check it off, these are the things that will make you happier and healthier and a more rounded human being.

I don’t want to be the person who has personal-life OKRs and KPIs to sift through in weekly stand-ups; I don’t want to view my life as a list of checkboxes; I don’t want to feel like I’m behind on some self-prescribed metric. What I do want is to put the right amount of effort into the right things. I want to be productive at work and happy in life — and figure out how much productivity needs to be included outside the nine-to-five.

I know it sounds self-indulgent, but there ain’t nothing wrong with some me time or a hobby. But it’s just so hard for that any more. Even hobbies are wrapped in the language of good for your mental health” or development”.