Fundamental epistemic limits to the universe

I read ‌Gödel, Escher, Bach years ago. It was one of those profound books that I didn’t really know how to integrate into my life. That’s the problem with reading good books in your 20s.

Happily, I came across this good review, and should probably take it as a nudge to reread the original. To quote from the review:

Wouldn’t it be nice if every question had an answer? That’s a lovely fantasy, but Gödel shows that there are fundamental epistemic limits to the universe, things that no genius will help us to know, no alien race could teach us, no machine could be built to solve, and no new kinds of mathematics will uncover. How frustrating.

There’s something fascinating about living in a universe that has fundamental epistemic limits”. And we shouldn’t give Materialists the last word on science”.