Something else

I’d rather talk about something else today. It’s not escapism or denial, just that there’s not really much more to say.

The current cultural ethos is one of helplessness and victimhood, and looking through all the 2 years of…” stories and social media posts reinforces that narrative. The other extreme is the unnatural heroism tropes. It’s not that they’re wrong either, just not the full picture. Most of us have just gone on as best we can without curling into fetal position or doing anything extraordinarily heroic.

It’s a nice early spring day in Amsterdam. I’m getting together with some friends for Catan and other board games. I’m working on some notes in Obsidian for the last book I read, Deepening Insight: Teachings on vedanā in the Early Buddhist Discourses. I’m also starting to read on Peter Masefield’s Divine Revelation in Pali Buddhism, which has been cited extensively in many other books I’ve read lately.

Agency is important. You can do more than stare at social media and mope. And looking ahead is even more important.