A fresh MacBook

I got an M1 MacBook Air not long after they came out, and there had always been weird little bugs here and there. It was feeling ever so slightly bloated.

So I erased everything and did a fresh install, and it’s been zippy without any of the previous bugs.

I plan to keep the number of apps down to a minimum and stop using electron apps when the browser is just as good. I’m also going with first party apps wherever possible.

The first thing I noticed is that Spotlight is fine for my needs instead of Alfred. I used to be really into Things, but then I guess I fell off the productivity wagon. Reminders and Calendar should do just fine.

It just feels nice to start fresh. Our devices accrue a lot of clutter, and I’d certainly be better off just simplifying things.

Next step: trimming down my 40 GB photo library. I suppose I don’t need 10 pictures a day of my cat that are identical to the 10 pictures I took the day before. Oh well.