Joe Rogan, TMT, and the inevitable

I liked old school Joe Rogan podcasts because he had a way of stimulating thought-provoking, deep discussions without being pretentious. And if he had some whacko on, it was easy enough to skip that episode.

I stumbled across this clip where Whitney Cummings talks about her personal experience with Terror Management Theory. The short of it is that humans are the only animal that has the ability to understand that death is inevitable and much human behavior can be understood as a way to distract from the thought of one’s inevitable demise.

In Cummings’ case, she went on a spree of consumerism and obsession with mundane things to cope with her father’s unexpected passing.

Then something clicked for me. I know a couple that have gone on a burst of consumerism, reckless and irrational behavior, and have all but ignored their children over the past year or so. That’s their way of handling a sudden awareness of death.

That doesn’t give me an obvious way to talk to them. It’s not like I can just drop a book about TMT and call it a day. There’s no opening that I see for a conversation about this might be a good time to look into some deeper spiritual values.