The shallowness of modern freedom

Still thinking about drugs and thus Modern Freedom” Means Being a Slave to Impulses by Luke Smith:

Which of the following two people is more free:

A drug addict.
A[n] average man who is only not a drug addict because he lives in a country where drugs are regulated or shamed in a way to make them hard to obtain.

It’s an interesting question, and our current discourse about these matters gives far too little weight to philosophy. And the more I think about it, the less confident I am that I know the answer.

More than any single quote in the article is the drawing of an obese man eating fast food, watching porn, prescription drugs in the background, staring at his phone, while proclaiming that he’s free because he’s not religious.

That’s not freedom.

Most spiritual traditions have realized this, and there’s no joy like the freedom which comes from not being driven by impulses.