Cigarettes and cocaine

I’m not the only one on the political left to be baffled by Femke Halsema’s push to decriminalize hard drugs, as seen on Dutch News.

An irony pointed out by many is that in places like Oregon and Portugal, there are far more regulations around smoking a plain ol’ tobacco cigarette than shooting up heroin or smoking crack. The absurdity has gone so far that on one Dutch Island tobacco will no longer be legally sold:

Islanders and tourists on Schiermonnikoog will not be able to buy tobacco legally when new rules banning supermarket sales come into force on July 1.

The village supermarket is the only place with a licence to sell tobacco, but will no longer be able to do so when the law comes into effect. The legislation is part of the government’s drive to create a smoke-free generation” by 2040.

But local mayor Ineke van Gent fears the change will cause a spike in illegal cigarette sales and is investigating what other options are available.

This is almost comical, but the abolition of tobacco is a dream of the nanny staters, such as New Zealand.

I’m all for using taxes and minimum pricing to reduce alcohol and tobacco consumption. But I think we’ve lost the thread if it’s easier to get cocaine than smoke a cigarette.