Challenging what we know of the universe

Awhile back, I unintentionally made some sciency people pretty angry by saying that nearly everything we know” in science today will be considered wrong or hopelessly primitive within a few hundred years. That’s not to say that science and grand theories aren’t useful. But are they any more true than the multitude of mythologies out there, which are useful in their own right?

From Newly discovered cosmic megastructure challenges theories of the universe:

Astronomers have discovered a ring-shaped cosmic megastructure, the proportions of which challenge existing theories of the universe.

From current cosmological theories we didn’t think structures on this scale were possible,” said Alexia Lopez, a PhD student at the University of Central Lancashire, who led the analysis. We could expect maybe one exceedingly large structure in all our observable universe.”

Zooming out on the universe should, in theory, reveal a vast, featureless expanse. Yet the Big Ring is one of a growing list of unexpectedly large structures. Others include the Giant Arc, which appears just next to the Big Ring and was also discovered by Lopez in 2021. Cosmologists calculate the current theoretical size limit of structures to be 1.2bn light years, but the Big Ring and the Giant Arc, which spans an estimated 3.3bn light years, breach this limit.

These oddities keep getting swept under the rug, but the more we find, we’re going to have to come face-to-face with the fact that maybe our standard model needs rethinking,” said Lopez. As a minimum it’s incomplete. As a maximum we need a completely new theorem of cosmology.”