Blogging instead of a resolution

Remember how I said I wasn’t really going to do a laundry list of resolutions? Well I’m not, really.

Instead I’m going to focus on doing things that put me in a state of flow, at least a bit each day. Doing over mindless consumption. Focusing instead of vegging out.

And the first way I’m going to do that is with daily blogging.

I’ve long encouraged people I know to blog. The practice forces you to produce something, to get your ideas out in public, to think things through.

As an aside, I had a coworker at a previous job that I kept pushing to blog. My argument was that we as content designers need to be boring at work. The greatest interfaces are entirely unremarkable because they’re out of the way of people completing the tasks they actually want to do. Yet she kept trying to inject her creativity into her work, and the results were miserable. So I said that if she wanted to be creative, why not start a blog? She did. And that blog directly led to her landing a new job.

This is a very non-professional blog, although I might turn back to the old site for some posts about UX and information architecture.

Knowing that each day there’s going to be some output changes the way you consume content around the web. Now you’re looking for things to build on, not just consume and forget.

As always, I enjoy feedback. If you’re also trying to start a daily blog, send me an email — I’m always looking to expand my RSS feeds.