Moving to a new weblog

Hello there, and thanks for migrating over from the other site.

I’m using a simple template on, so this doesn’t look like much for now. I’ll spruce it up a bit as time allows. But, as far as I can tell, most people read my posts via RSS. So you’ve already configured your RSS reader to how you want it to look rather than I how I want it to look.

It is ironic that one of the oldest internet technologies allows for such data portability, while all this fancy web 3.0 stuff kind of just flounders.

The odd part of switching to pseudonymous writing is that I know a surprising number of people who read my blog in real life. I’m not taking massive lengths to hide my identity, and a dedicated sleuth could figure it out quickly enough. Please do keep sharing posts, but I ask you think twice before adding my name and saying, this guy —, whom I know wrote this”. Let it stand on its own, or, even better yet, post it to your indie web site with your own commentary. There’s something special about these slow, online conversations.

My main motivation for switching to a pseudonym is that I want to decide what I share and with whom. A blog with so many of my thoughts on a wide range of topics, spanning nearly a decade, doesn’t allow me to do that.