Lessons learned in 2023

Some of my resolutions worked, some less so. I suppose I learned more from the failures.

Mostly removing alcohol from my life has been a huge positive. There were a handful of times throughout the year where having a drink over the course of an evening was the right thing to do socially, so I did it. Never was I tipsy, drunk, or hung over. And I don’t miss the whole drinking culture at all. The sober life is so much better.

Trying to read print news was a huge failure. By the time I got my copy of The Economist in the mail, so much time had passed that much of it wasn’t really worth reading.

But paying for a few high-quality digital sources and mostly sticking to those was a huge success. I’ll be repeating that in 2024.

I never regretted not being glued to my devices, and almost always regretted an evening staring at a screen, at least in mindless consumption mode.

I wanted to get better at cooking, in particular eating far less meat. My results were ambiguous. To drill down on this for 2024, the key is planning: stocking the house with the right groceries on the weekends, having a few healthy but fast meals ready to go ahead of time. Then it’s easy. When it’s the end of the day I and have no meal planned, ending up with some super-processed and easy food from AH is all but inevitable.

And just for fun:

Love is… a heart shaped potatoLove is… a heart shaped potato

Here’s to a great 2024 🍾🥂

P.S. Kombucha makes a great champagne replacement.