The double weapon of social media

From Twitter:

Study indicates that TikTok content is being amplified or suppressed based on whether it aligns with the CCPs geopolitical interests.

Rutgers / @NCRI_io research shows massive difference in pro-CCP content on TikTok compared to other major social media platform.

It’s not believable that this could happen organically.”

This isn’t surprising. Fomenting division by inciting identity politics is old school espionage.

And this is the first type of weaponizing social media. Suppose a simple tweak to the algorithm makes people go from sharing pictures of sunsets to wanting to start a pogrom.

There aren’t any easy solutions or answers, but I do think that regulating algorithms and mass media should be fundamentally different than individual free speech. But it’s an obviously slippery slope.

The second weapon of social media is independent of the algorithm. It’s making society stupid. Despite having a world of information of our fingertips, the TikTok generation can’t search beyond their feeds, can’t think critically beyond what’s spoon fed in highly literal, overly stimulating clips.

I don’t think we’re quite there yet, but there’s a reason you can’t just waltz into the supermarket and buy hard drugs.