The social engineering of the lockdowns

From The Economist:

Before covid the share of spending devoted to services, from hotel stays to haircuts, was rising steadily. In 2023 it remained stubbornly at pre-covid level. People are still less interested in leisure activities that take place outside the home. In countries that spent more time in lockdown, hermit habits have become ingrained. Japan has witnessed a 50% decline in restaurant bookings for business purposes.

One possible reason is that some people remain afraid of infections. Another is work patterns: across the rich world people now regularly work from home. And covid may have made people genuinely more hermit-like: people are spending less on social activities and more on solitary pursuits. Covid’s biggest legacy, it seems, has been to pull people apart.

Self absorbed, attached to their phones, and spending everything they have on useless e-commerce junk. Welcome to the future.