Low energy and agency

I’ve had a few responses to my last post about low energy, and have thought about it more, and I think one of the key factors causing low energy” is a perceived lack of agency, in other words, learned helplessness.

The media bombard us with apocalyptic messages. The end is nigh because of Donald Trump, COVID, and climate change. So why bother?

This then becomes something impossible to discuss logically, because you either accept that’s there’s personal agency in this world, or you don’t.

No amount of empirical evidence will sway people to the contrary, but life is great now. My grandparents were Eastern European peasants, who became refugees after Russian and Germany destroyed their country. I’m a well off tech worker living in one of Europe’s most charming capitals.

In fact, most of the low energy” people I know are doing just fine financially, have cushy tech jobs, and basically zero responsibilities. And nothing will sway them that we’re living in a golden age, truly bountiful and blessed times.

And this inability to see that, to be grateful for what we have and see so many opportunities for agency is because of the media, both traditional and social. But I’m also seeing a lot of people embracing agency expanding practices, which is what I’ll write about next!