The indigo blob

This is a very good read from Nate Silver about the media culture in the US.

To start out:

In American media and political discourse, there has been a fundamental asymmetry during the Trump Era. Left-progressives, liberals, centrists, and moderate or non-MAGA conservatives all share a common argumentative space. I call this space the Indigo Blob, because it’s somewhere between left-wing (blue) and centrist (purple). The space largely excludes MAGA/right-wing conservatives — around 30 percent of the country.

I see too few liberals (lower case L), who are worried about silencing and disenfranchising a large part of the population.

And this sums up my position perfectly:

As will not surprise you, I am strongly on the nonpartisan side on this question, although maybe a better way to put it is that I favor pluralistic institutions over a progressive monoculture. I think institutions like the media — and certainly science and medicine — provide substantial, non-zero-sum benefits to society and that this mission has been somewhat compromised in recent years by left-leaning partisanship. I would argue that many of the worst failures of COVID policy — for instance, extended school closures — partly reflected the politicization of these institutions.

There aren’t many on the left the believe in an ideological diversity; instead most support a technocracy with their people in charge.